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Welcome to Byte Me

A comic mainly about two guys and...well it's not really about much. But funny, very funny mind you ^^; (PS: Theres a girl too)

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Absolutely Fabulous

Monday 5th of November 2007 03:17:40 AM


Many apologies to all you fans out there but I have three exams this week and so I couldn't justify doing an entire comic as opposed to studying. I hope you all understand and I shall make up for this gap in the future when I don't actually have exams to worry about...

Here's a Tannie picture to keep you company in your cold Byte Meless week ^^


Saturday 27th of October 2007 08:38:02 PM

Heading into Exams! Also Good News for Guests

I just thought I'd do a little post top update you loyal readers of mine ^^

I have exams starting the 5th of November. This may affect comics for a little while. There should be one up tomorrow because I have already started it. Next week though is another story since I have three exams within four days after it which my time should really be spent on more effectively...

None the less here's hoping that I stick to the weekly schedule...

In other comic news I have change the site settings to allow guest comments and ratings so all of you guesties can share your love :P

That's about all for now so here's some non-comic art that I hope you'll enjoy. It links to the deviantart image so if you want to see a bigger vers just clicky it...

Tuesday 24th of April 2007 07:32:32 PM

Trying to stay in the swing of things

Hey there loyal readers, of which I hope there is at least one...

This little news thing is just to say that I've started putting the larger images on the vote thing again so you will be able to view larger versions of the recent comic whenever you vote for Byte Me.

I'm doing this in a hope that maybe Byte Me can get a few more votes and therefore a few more fans. If we get something like two other people and I voting for Byte Me daily that would mean we would push 100 votes for a month which I think would slightly improve readership...and we all know that a better readership equals a less lazy Tannie. I mean I know I only got inspired to do this news post because the last comic got three non-me comments when it's usually restricted to like...0-1.

Also in case I get lazy again I have changed the default bonus image and have many more other things that I could change it to...what is it you ask? Well you'll just have to wait to find out and vote everyday hoping for the best.

Anyway before you get me all wrong don't feel like you have to vote or anything...I really actually just felt like posting some news and this was the only thing I could think of...but anyway I hope you're enjoying Byte Me so far and any comments about the site or the comics would be plenty welcome because I know that without you pointing out our flaws, how will we ever learn?

~Tannie Out

Sunday 25th of March 2007 08:34:59 AM

Delays of the bad kind

I'd like to apologize for the recent delays in getting comics up...I have been having a lot of trouble with keeping Uni organized while still maintaining a life and it just really makes it hard.

I really care about Byte Me so when I say I am trying to get them up on time I really's just that at the moment timing isn't in my favour. Because of this, this weeks comic will be a day late and therefore released on Tuesday.

However in more positive news if any of you didn't read the news in the new comic we have a new person who does all the stuff I don't do...mainly stuff to do with scripts. Her name is Illi and she'll be taking over from what Xave was meant to be if you notice a sudden increase in awesomeness it's all due to her...

Anyway I hope this didn't ruin your day at all and please continue to read on.


Thursday 14th of December 2006 06:21:51 AM

Byte Me V3.5

Having such a high number as Version 3.5 just sounds special doesn't it. If you're confused right now I'm referring to the site layout which has been slightly updone. Here's a history of the Byte Me Websites.

Version 1:
The basic smackjeeves layout that comes basic with any smackjeeves website.

Version 2:
This is when we got into seeing what we could do with the site, we kept the basic code from Version one and edited as much of it as we could before we broke the site...I guess it's a little much to call it an entire new version but a lot of work went into it.

Version 3:
This was the actual design inclusive one. I made the website layout in photoshop and then pasted it all in and the site looked pretty.

Version 3.5:
This is the version of the now which I have been working on for a few days now, you may have noticed minor updates/total screw ups...anyway the new features that actually came in were.

-New Banner
-New Buttons and Vote Bar
-New images under the vote bar and at bottom of page
-Gif's for News, Archive, Avg rating anf Rate it replaced because they had the layer of white around them
-New rating buttons made by me and don't they look awesome

That's about it...but it all took a while to put together so I hope you like it and any crit would be welcome. Thankyou for your time. Now for any of you nosy people out there wondering about my life aka non-comic day I'll probably start posting stuff so that you will most likely be able to foresee me missing an update by a day even if I can't. Anyway I hope you're enjoying Byte Me. Toodels

Friday 24th of November 2006 05:16:41 AM


Theres not really any news...I just wanted to look important. Anyway I decided it's been a while since the last news so why not make a new one.

Anyway in actual news School is over for Xave and I. We were both in yr 12 and had our last exams on the 13th...since then I've been on holidays and Xave...well, prolly best left unmentioned for the little kiddies out there...

As for the now and future Xave is doing some fancy pants hospitality course and I'm moving town because I need to get out of this place and move onto bigger and better things by becoming a poor hungry uni student :D

But I still have some time and while Xave won't admit it he prolly has more than me. Anyway I have been thinking about the site. I was thinking about possibly making a brand new one...brand spanking new. But the one we have now does have it's own level of attraction so I was wondering if any of you would be interested in having a say.


Just post a comment saying yes a new site would be rocking or no you don't need it, go do something useful like making your comic better.

Don't be afraid because odds are if you don't say anything noone will.

Anyway thankyou for your tiem and please tell us what you think.

Sunday 30th of July 2006 08:07:59 AM


And all thanks to Tannie, so woo Tannie *Does the Tannie dance*. Sorry, I just spent ages on this layout and so far all I've really gotten is things like 'What are you, colourblind?'...and then I have to go 'YES!', and then we all end up feeling bad...ooh but I do think I got a 'good' at one point...though that might of been before they even looked at the site cos I got the colour comment afterwards.

Despite all this critique is still all too welcome, I am looking to improve at all's just improving with colours is a little harder than it is for you normies.

But One thing I would really like would be a 'Well done, all those hours you spent were really worth it by gar'...well maybe the by gar isn't necessary...but still, a little credit for the guy who squeezed out a layout between his busy yr 12 schedule.

Other than that new comic up which I decided to change the background'll know it when you see it. Anyway thanks for the read, you're a true fan, and because of that you get to SPREAD THE WORD about Byte Me...for free...go on, you know you want to. Anyway I better be outie, it's getting late, toodles.

Sunday 2nd of July 2006 07:07:00 AM

Minor Fixes, other stuff

Alright, basically i've gone through and fixed some minor problems... for some reason stuff kept happening to our site, things would revert, text would change colour, etc, but that's all fixed now. This new template system works great! And for those of you who use internet explorer (who would do well to use something else, Firefox for example) the text colour for the news posts had been fixed as well.

School holidays has finished, and so the comic work is probably going to get done a lot quicker. Dunno why, that's just how we seem to work. Anyway, that's all for now I suppose. Thanks for reading!

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