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So you want your very own webcomic avatar made for you? GREAT! I am all too happy to make these avatars as requests because in all honesty thats the way that they'll be used most. Now you can request a few different things.

The first option is just to make a Byte Me comic into one of these. Now since I am the creator of Byte Me I am happy to make any Byte Me strip into one of these. So once you suggest it I'll get right on it.

The second option is to just suggest a strip out of nowhere. By that I mean that you have thought of the idea yourself. Now I don't have time to make every suggestion into an avatar comic but if I like your idea then yes I will most likely make it using Tannie and the others. For these ideas try to keep them below 10 lines.

The third option is to suggest another comics strip for this sort of thing. Now the downside of this is that I will still only be using the Byte Me sprites so there are a lot of comics out there that won't fit. Also since doing this sort of thing will take a lot of effort I really have to get into it so I'll have to enjoy the strip as well enough to dignify spending the hours that it takes to do it. But should I like the comic I shall contact the author to get approval to do so and then I shall get to work.


By requesting one of these to be made you have to actually use said requested item as your avatar for some time to make it worthwhile. The truth is that every one of these I do is a favor done for free. So in return for this you can either give me a donator code or promise that you will use this avatar for a good amount of time...and by good amount of time I'd probably be considering 3Months+. So if you think that you won't use one of these for such an amount of time don't bother.

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