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SD - An Easy Mistake

Tuesday 31st of January 2006 04:16:41 AM

Average Rating: 4.69
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Author's Comments:

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User's Comments:

xodare2dreamox, Tuesday 31st of January 2006 05:20:17 AM

Luff <3 so you both do the same comic? thats cool =3

<3 Felicia

Tanis, Tuesday 31st of January 2006 05:26:58 AM

Well yeah when I started this I figured I'd need someone funny to be the author so I got him...though he's pretty lazy so I do end up doing a lot of the scripts as well as drawing it...but yeah just to show how well he's doing his job...I have 50 script ideas...he has 1...But he does betterize mine somewhat so he still deserves some credit...and also equal or greater blame if we get sued

veloce08, Tuesday 31st of January 2006 09:12:37 PM

Illustrator I wrote twentyfive pages of script before I realized my last illustrator was not going to get off of his ass and start drawing for me, so I can relate to how you feel.

Keep up the great stuff!

xodare2dreamox, Tuesday 31st of January 2006 09:33:02 PM

E.Y. yeah... im my own author and illustrator so0o... n_n;; i wouldn't know that feeling. But you two do a good job. And i can relate to the lazy part xD

<3 Felicia

Tanis, Wednesday 1st of February 2006 12:17:02 AM

I guess I'm better off that you though Veloce considering he's actually here to a degree and does do a little

And Felicia I'd do it by myself, but I figured that without someone else to do it with I would just get lazy and give up...he's meant to be here to yell at me when I don't do comics...but now I have Smack Jeeves for that

xodare2dreamox, Wednesday 1st of February 2006 12:26:21 PM

E.Y. yeah your right =3 i get lazy too !! i started off doing one or more a day but now that has changed due to not enough time or laziness xD

<3 Felicia

Kyle20, Wednesday 1st of February 2006 04:13:13 PM

Heh, I read most of your archive (sorry...I'm alittle lazy...heh..) It's good. But you should work alittle more on expressions. Sometimes, when someone is mad or sad, they look happy in your comic. Make sure the expressions are clear.

Tanis, Wednesday 1st of February 2006 11:30:30 PM

Yeah thats gonna be my next studdy up, I think with the way I do everything it limits a lot of emotion if you're not used to yeah that shall be fixed in future comics

Reaper, Thursday 2nd of February 2006 05:40:36 PM

heh, the thing i found funny was what your idea wall looks like... '>.>

Tanis, Friday 3rd of February 2006 01:44:42 AM

Thanks for the 5's everyone

And yeah the idea wall was a last minute addition but yeah it suits oh so well

Sha, Sunday 6th of August 2006 05:13:32 AM

Hehe, nice pun :P

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