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Thursday 20th of July 2006 07:32:57 AM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Thursday 20th of July 2006 07:37:38 AM

We'll sorely miss you Damn right that vampire was the best character we've ever had...we'll miss him so much...he was with us for so long and did so much...and I guess we'll miss Kyee too but the poor little Vampy...he never even had a name...poor fella.

Anyway just like I promised heres a special comic on a special day because today is special to me...ever since yeah I hope you can guess it from that...and no it is not because it is the anniversary of the day after FFIV was released...close a not actually close way...

Anyway I also tried to update the site a little...get it back to its level of spankyness and I think it's nearly there...Xave doesn't like I told him to fix it...that generally means the sites going to be like this for quite a while...

But none the less I hope you enjoyed this climactic ep of Byte Me because I certainly have had a spiffy day myself and thankyou for you time in viewing the comic...

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User's Comments:

MuriraRK, Thursday 20th of July 2006 08:52:11 AM

Yay for pure glowing wind and planks! It's every villain's favorite weakness... ^_^

Guest, Thursday 20th of July 2006 01:40:47 PM

whats with the yellow grass everywhere?

Tannie (Guest), Thursday 20th of July 2006 08:40:02 PM

It's meant to be sort of a super saiyan glowing aura sort of thing except that I really suck at making glowing aura sorts of things so yeah...oh well

alienman909, Friday 21st of July 2006 01:38:21 PM

So Is she dead or a vampire?

Tanis, Friday 21st of July 2006 11:42:34 PM

Well thats up for you to decide...don't expect her to be around for a while though

ffii, Monday 24th of July 2006 12:35:53 AM

Haha, I'm gonna have to start giving the speech Tannie gives in the first panel at every climactic battle I find myself in XD

Tanis, Monday 24th of July 2006 03:25:46 AM

Well thats patent pending there, I require royalties per usage...nah I'm just kidding, go for your life...I hope you have many climactic battles ahead of you

Joff, Tuesday 25th of July 2006 04:54:26 PM

secret weaknesses are best kept quiet

Tanis, Wednesday 26th of July 2006 03:09:01 AM

Well he did a pretty good job of it, no real use keeping it secret though if it's too late...

Sha, Sunday 6th of August 2006 07:09:19 AM

Kewl comic, love the effects again :) Aww man, I wish the vampire dude was in it longer =P

PS. Happy belated Birthday, dude :P

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