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Better In Bed

Sunday 23rd of July 2006 01:08:32 PM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Sunday 23rd of July 2006 06:21:42 AM

Back to a lighter Side Too true, we are. Tis a darn shame to put an end to that loop...or is it the end? Truth is I don't have a clue, I'm a bit low on the future planning thing at the moment.

Anyway this is the first comic that does not have Tannie's hair appearing...there was one before without Tannie but this one is all Tannie appearance free...though there is still a mention of him...go figure.

Now thats about all I can think of for the time being but there is one notice. If you're the kinda paerson who only shows up once a week you may not of noticed but there was a bonus/extra comic this week to celebratea very special day...nobody guessed it but it was for my bday...and yeah nothing like killing off your comic self's girlfriend on your birthday...might have to do it more...

Anyway thankyou for the look and I hope you enjoyed this comic and got a laugh or two. Toodles.

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User's Comments:

alienman909, Sunday 23rd of July 2006 01:35:24 PM

Oh jeez That was almost dirty.

jomosexual, Sunday 23rd of July 2006 01:43:20 PM

haha! awesome

Teron, Sunday 23rd of July 2006 02:55:37 PM

I believe a laughmyassoff-a-thon is in order.

RazorD9, Sunday 23rd of July 2006 07:04:43 PM

I so got to try that.

MuriraRK, Monday 24th of July 2006 02:52:36 AM

XD Aaaahahahahahahahaha!

Kaichii, Tuesday 25th of July 2006 12:11:12 PM


That is an odd little cake...

Is it...lemon with purple icing? Creepy...

Just don't drop it, with it's lopsided plate-ness.


Joff, Tuesday 25th of July 2006 04:55:32 PM


Tanis, Wednesday 26th of July 2006 03:10:46 AM

Well with the cake since I'm colourblind Xave chose the colours...the one I picked was green initially I think, so yeah ask him about the whatever it is...

Xave, Thursday 27th of July 2006 06:09:27 AM

The cake is just a sponge cake with purple icing. Originally, the cake was green. Looked somewhat mouldy...

Sha, Sunday 6th of August 2006 07:12:16 AM

Whoa.... :P
BTW, I really like her shirt :P

Tanis, Sunday 27th of August 2006 05:36:07 PM

That's about the best response I could possibly get

SkyPrincess, Friday 4th of July 2008 09:03:51 PM

Wait... what ever happened to the jacket with the green mushroom on it? <=(

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