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A welcome as warm as popcorn

Sunday 6th of August 2006 01:01:54 PM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Sunday 6th of August 2006 07:48:05 AM

Wow new hair Explanation coming later for soon as I think of it...Anyway the stuff that is flowing out everywhere is meant to be the popcorn...hopefully you guessed that.

BUT TANNIE'S BACK...Everyone rejoice...for Tannie is back after his what...two comic break...I wanted it to be a bit more so that Xave and Ariel could be developed a bit more...but Xave's all if theres something to do we can do it fast...

Anyway this one was all me for once, art, wording...all that stuff...I figured it be suiting since TANNIE'S BACK...and also Xave never said anything towards it...

Thats about all I've got really so I hope you enjoyed this comic and got a laugh or two. Feel free to leave any critique and guess what...TANNIE'S BACK!!!

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User's Comments:

Sha, Monday 7th of August 2006 06:28:29 AM

Kewl I like his new hair color, it's neat. Oh, cool, you actually did the thing most people forget when they have characters dye/change hair colors - kept his eyebrows the same color.

Yikes, all that popcorn... icky XP

That "garden gnome" thingy, is that supposed to be a reference to those Final Fantasy mage beings? (I'm not sure of exact name :P)

Tanis, Tuesday 8th of August 2006 02:30:25 AM

Yeah it's meant to sort of be a black mage with a fishing rod...though the text covers it up so it looks unimpressive...but I still want one...

Joff, Sunday 13th of August 2006 05:17:22 PM

But the popcorn's nuclear-ific!

SkyPrincess, Friday 4th of July 2008 09:08:21 PM

You know what? I think tanner looks better with brown hair!

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