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Putting the Friend In Boyfriend

Sunday 22nd of October 2006 11:57:12 AM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Sunday 22nd of October 2006 06:20:29 AM

At least it's not a no Finally an end to the took quite a bit too long in my opinion...though thats prolly just because it's a long point of the year for yr 12's and yeah. Anyway sorry if I make no sense in this as I am in a state of pure exhaustion as in over the last two days as soon as I have gotten up I have yearned for sleep...unfortunately I do have trouble falling to sleep.

None the less this arc was pretty much all me so that I could give Xave a rest for some of his earlier exams...hopefully next week he'll do the same for me...I pretty much have 4 exams within 5 days so he's promised to do the comic...then after that I have 11 days before the next one so I should be able to get back on track and do that comic.

AND THEN IT'S ALL OVER...uh exams...not the comic...

Anyway sorry that a lot of this is reused from the past comic but yeah the tiredness I have has kept me from doing a hell of a lot of things such as well STUDY...which is going to kill me.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this and I'd love if any of you felt like leaving a comment :P

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User's Comments:

Joff, Sunday 22nd of October 2006 06:07:16 PM

He could be heading straight for another "fall" :)

Kaichii, Sunday 22nd of October 2006 06:25:41 PM

Uhm...I dunno why, this comic isn't so funny...

It just...isn't....

You ought to add April's picture where...that other girl...was...God I can't remember her name...

Tannie's old girlfriend...

Tanis, Sunday 22nd of October 2006 06:46:58 PM

Mmm...I noticed that myself...but do to exams this is the best I could come up with...and yeah the plan is to add in April's pic but I haven't had the time to just do that yeat so I'm waiting until post exams for that...

Kaichii, Saturday 28th of October 2006 12:53:20 PM

Ah, the evils of exams always make the screwness of comics...

Also I'd like to comment about the lack of movement in your comic.

I mean, I noticed that you used the same positon for Tannie in the last two comics, just editing his arm...

I mean, some of the poses are unrealistic for the scenes, and it makes it look like you don't try when you make your comics.

Tanis, Saturday 28th of October 2006 08:14:31 PM

I am aware of the lack of's just at this point of the year I'm taking every possible short cut available while trying to maintain a positive appearance of the comic.

It will get better once exams are over though, I'm really looking to improve my art and I'll also look to see how I can improve frame to frame progression of movement so that I can get these things up and done efficiently

Private Zulen, Saturday 28th of October 2006 11:50:57 PM

Draw the hands bigger next time. You'd be surprised as to how much making proportion (Even if it's cartoony) can influence your art.

Tanis, Sunday 29th of October 2006 05:56:39 AM

I'll make sure to keep that in mind for the next one I do

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