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A New Hero On The Scene

Sunday 19th of November 2006 04:28:03 PM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Friday 17th of November 2006 05:33:16 AM

He'll beat you down...WITH MATHS This is possibly the most evil super hero ever...I mean he fights for good with the pure evil power of maths. Anyway I apologize if this isn't funny at all to you but I hadn't managed to think of anything to make it funny in the time I had to do it...and Xave has managed to not be online for a few days conveniently missing out.

So therefore this is basically another all me comic...shows don't it...

Anyway I leave on a trip for a week tomorrow so I won't be back in order to reply to any comments or anything...although not that thats much different to lately since I've been busy with my exams and then preparation for this trip.

So I hope you enjoyed this comic and that you found something funny in it...and now I hope to think of something funny for the next one. Thankyou for your time and comments are all to welcome.

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User's Comments:

Joff, Sunday 19th of November 2006 05:08:08 PM

Ahh, the amazing powers at the hands of Pi Man!

billyboy800, Sunday 19th of November 2006 05:21:16 PM

"Pants for hiding chicken legs"

Ha, priceless...

Teron, Sunday 19th of November 2006 05:33:50 PM

Math is indeed the Devil. Or the work of the Devil. Or both?

RazorD9, Sunday 19th of November 2006 05:41:19 PM

Pi Man's justice is never ending or repeating. Haha. Oooh, also he is irrational. Ok, done with the math related puns and all, sorry for them.

GundamX67, Sunday 26th of November 2006 05:59:21 PM

Haha! Very nice!

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