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Curse Those Special Powers

Monday 27th of November 2006 09:00:44 PM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Monday 27th of November 2006 08:35:45 PM

Theres always a special power First of all I would like to apologize for the lateness...for the first time ever I am late by a whole day...tis a terrible terrible thing to happen. I usually am good with foreseeing this sort of problem and getting it done early but this time it just wasn't to be.

Basically I was on a week long trip and arrived home very late thursday friday and saturday were spent in recovery because it was a tiring as trip. I also had another trip to go on on sunday/monday which I only realized too late on the saturday. I was too late to do it then so I said I'd do it when I got home monday...but it wasn't to be. And now here it is...on...on...TUESDAY!

I'll prolly sneak forward the release date eventually but until then it is released on...tuesday...

Anyway this is still part of an arc done entirely by me...I'm not sure what Xave is actually doing but for some reason he's not helping out much at all. So this explains the badness of this comic. Hopefully yhe future ones will be betterer though...and Tannie will actually open his eyes...

Thankyou for the read and I hope you enjoyed the comic...comments and ratings are all too welcome.

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User's Comments:

SkyPrincess, Friday 4th of July 2008 09:31:48 PM

Hey....... what happened to his hair? I thought it was brown now! Did he go super-seyan or something? Yeah, that's probably it. Am I right?

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