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Advent Bystanders

Monday 11th of December 2006 10:10:03 PM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Monday 11th of December 2006 10:12:07 PM

Please don't kill us Again I must apologize for the lateness of this comic but it's just because of the crappyness of my computer. I've had to reformat twice over the last week so I haven't had a computer in real working condition in order tog et this up in time...but anyway it's up...possibly a little rushed...I am sorry for that.

Anyway one thing that came up today is why is Tannie's hair blonde. I never actually thought about the possibility that there were non DBZ acknowledging people out there. Anyway if theres anyone else confused Tannie has 'Super Saiyan' powers just as a rip off of DBZ...and also because Tannie looks cool. Anyway what a Super Saiyan is is basically a transformation that changes your hair and eye colour and also makes you superly more incredibly powerful. Hence why Pi Man was such a simple beatdown for him. Anyway Tannie's hair is probably going to be insane over the next few episodes so please just stick by it.

Anyway the larger more clearer version of the most recent comment should be showing this one in a short while...the link to it is here.

Now that's all the news I can say without overdoing it so thankyou for your time and I hope you enjoyed this.

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User's Comments:

negasquid, Monday 11th of December 2006 11:02:12 PM

yay to zim reference!

RazorD9, Monday 11th of December 2006 11:33:58 PM

Quick, to the anger mob discount store!(aka, walmart)

billyboy800, Tuesday 12th of December 2006 03:44:12 PM



Tanis, Tuesday 12th of December 2006 04:21:16 PM

Wow...three comments in a day...that's rare considering I think theres only been one or so over the past two comics...yay for popularity.

Teron, Tuesday 12th of December 2006 04:35:32 PM

Excelent comic, good sir. Quite funny. If I had fingers I would 5 it.

Tanis, Wednesday 13th of December 2006 05:21:51 PM

You don't have fingers?

SkyPrincess, Friday 4th of July 2008 09:34:54 PM

wow: I guessed right! I'm sooooo SMRT.

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