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Pwnzord, Oh Noez!

Sunday 17th of December 2006 01:59:23 PM

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Author's Comments:

Tanis, Sunday 17th of December 2006 06:10:42 AM

Sorry bout the name...I was idealess. It's kinda hard to believe how long this week has think it was only last monday that I found out my VCE results. Since then I've had a thingy at school discussing it...rocked out on guitar hero...and much more.

One such thing is helping my grandparents move think of the worst possible moving situation you can think was worse than grandparents are hoarders so imagine 70 years of hoarding and that's how much stuff they had...half of which wasn't packed...and since they're old they can't move it for risk of putting their backs out...needless to say the job isn't even still done...we managed to get all of their stuff out of their house but half of it is still on the front porch of the new house...I am in pain.

Now the most surprising thing of this week is that I actually got this up and done on time even with my pain filled body...and I think it looks half good too...well Tannie does...but he always looks good...with any hair colour it seems. As for the hair colour being now black please just go along with it...I'm trying to think of a way to possibly work in the cause for the hair change the first time but now I'm really just going in circles of badness.

If you can't read the background the words are

-Alley of Gritz
-Gritz waz ere 46 BC
-Gritz 4 EVA MEL CHLOE BERT AARON(Each of the names having been crossed out)
-Gritz invented Frogz

Not the greatest of stuff but I was tired and had no idea what to do with the background and so I invented the Alley of Gritz.

Anyway I hope you liked this comic and please leave a comment or rate or vote or whatever. And if you want to see a larger version of the comic it will hopefully be up on Buzzcomics at some point throughout the day...I don't know the timeline that buzzcomics works on so sorry for that. The link is as follows.

Advertisement, Wednesday 21st of August 2019 06:47:49 AM

User's Comments:

Kaichii, Sunday 17th of December 2006 03:07:07 PM


Hey Tanis, I returner.

X-Girl is April, isn't she?

I loved the lines, "You look familiar,"

"No I don't"

"Fair enough,"


darklightartist, Sunday 17th of December 2006 08:01:30 PM

Excelent comic, good sir.

Joff, Tuesday 19th of December 2006 03:00:03 PM

Spiffirific! What a word to pull out of a concussion :)

Zayl-san, Tuesday 19th of December 2006 10:02:27 PM

xD Nice xD

Tanis, Wednesday 20th of December 2006 05:12:00 AM

Yay for all the positive comments...looks like I'm actually doing something right here :D

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