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This is a fan art created by a friend of mine named Ekki
who I first met a few years ago...anyway I think
she's cool so you should too...

Anyway I don't know exactly whats going on here but
if you want to see more of her art, check out
Ekki's Devart

<-'Contest Winner' and
'Internet Friends' ->

This bit of fanart as well as the next one are both done by another friend of mine...
I met her on deviant art and she's a really cool person...
I'm jealous that she can draw Tannie better than I can...
But the point is I like the both of them...even though these were more mine for winning contests I think they deserve to be here.
If you want to see more of her art go to.
Talenya-Sama's Devart


Now this fanart was the first done by a person I don't know from somewhere else...
So in effect the awesomest kind of fanart since it shows me that random people I've never met like the comic.
Of course it is of the beseterest character ever...Tannie.
Once again better drawn than what I could probably do.
But yeah anyway the smackjeeves name of this person is ffii and to check out their site, go to
Cecil, The Dark Knight

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