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Life and Death

A very very funny story about Life and Death
It has a lot of comics and is well worth a look

Random, fun and full of vitamins

About the best darn comic out there

Mario's Day Job answers the burning question on everyone's mind:
What would a video game based on the Mario Brother's "real" jobs as plumbers be like?

This comic is really just one of those random funny ones that can usually draw a lugh out of you
Even in those odd moods where you don't think you could even laugh...worth a look

Sketchbook Balderdash

Just a very cool and random comic.
Well worth a look if you've got some spare time and in look for a laugh

the adventures of Pilli a normal girl.
Also included is her exboyfriend who is now a calavera Doll

lazy, good-for-nothing angels, girly fights, unrequited love,
friendship, hatred, good-looking daemons and humor

A video game web comic about the lives of 3 gamers and their adventures in gaming.
Tons O' gags and game parodies.

A comic by Reeds and his description is 'I don't know what this is about anymore...
maybe it'll have a few little stories or some practice one pages...

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