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Sunday 29th of January 2006 05:47:14 AM

Site Changes

Hey guys.

I don't realy post on here much, but I guess I should start... I should probably get myself an Avatar too...

Anyway, as you have hopefully noticed, the site has undergone some style changes. There were some disagreements at first, but I'm pretty happy with how it all turned out. Any feedback you guys could give us would be awesome.

We have, in planning, a new comic page... well, not so much new, as just has some added things. This might not happen for a while with school and everything, but it hopefully will happen some day. Here is a Concept picturey thingy of what this might look like (it was all done in paint, and by me, so please forgive the cruddyness). If it doesn't load, just wait an hour and have another look... I only get 4.3mb of bandwidth an hour, so yeah. Any ideas, or feedback you guys could give about this would be awesome.

Well, yeah, that's about it. Thanks for reading, rating and commenting!

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