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Thursday 30th of March 2006 04:12:22 AM

Helter Skelter

First off thankyou everyone, over the last few days we hit 1000 hits, so thats think that prolly at least 500 people have seen our comic.

Anyway at the moment school is over the top with stress. I mean that next week first off I have an oral...which is like the big huge important english thing of the whole year next to the exam...then the week after I have two sacs and probably even more stuff on top of that...then of course homework.

So this means I have to limit my Byte Me work...NO NO DON'T CRY, we're not stopping...just saying that I will continue to try to get one up weekly...but they may not actually keep improving in appearance as they have lately. I made part of the next one today in a bit of free time...and it didn't really work that yeah.

Critic is all too welcome, it's the only way I'll get better...But I'm sorry I can't put in full effort into my improvement. Anyway thankyou for reading and liking our comic everyone and I look forward to giving you more and more comics in the future.

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