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Wednesday 26th of April 2006 07:56:11 AM

FAN ART + Other Stuff

Anyway first thing you may notice. I added a fanart the moment there are four entries...three from friends, one from someone I met on smackjeeves about a day ago which is awesome...if you have any of your own just tell me and I'll add it to the thing...basically it can't hurt...whenever people go there they will see your fan art and go 'OMG THAT PERSON DRAWS GOOD...I'M SO GOING TO THEIR SITE'...which is hopefully what you want. Anyway thats there...the coding was hell though and I only just magically managed to get it to work on my screen resolution which is 1024x yada if thats not you please don't be angry if it doesn't work because I tried...I really did.

Also I tried a few new art things with the new comic which I hope worked...but you never know...but none the less I hope you can critique on that.

Other than that I had a little fallout with Xave yesterday...and I think he thinks the whole situation is worse than it really much that he offered me full overlordom of Byte Me...but thats not for me...we're a team and thats how we're staying...and being a team means everything is done my way...not really but may see something coming up where you the people may have to tell us whether something I thought of was good or not...

Anyway thanks for your time, toodles.

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