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Saturday 13th of May 2006 08:44:58 PM

A little Bit of an update

Okay I know it's been a while since the last news post and I'm sorry but it's been rather busy over here. And I mean busy enough that I struggle to make time to make the comic sometimes...but I do get around to it...I still have to make this weeks though...urgh. But yeah just to show you my time business, if you know me you know I'm a rabid Final Fantasy Freak and I got FF7AC about a week ago and haven't watched it yet.

Anyway with comic news you may note the new top thing and increased size...I think it adds a small sense of professionalism...not really sure...but anyway the new thing is the vote thing up the top leads to buzzcomics and the more votes the better basically and when you vote you get a bonus as listed to the side of daily would be awesome but yeah just whenever you want would be good too, so please use that. ^^;

And thats about all I've got really, can;t think of anything else to say and I have stuff to do so thanks for the read and toodles.


Comic-Crazy-Comics, Sunday 21st of May 2006 01:16:56 AM

Hi :) I got our account working through our Internet Explorer, so we didn't have to download FireFox, however, we haven't created any comics yet, but I wanted to say "Hi" to let you know anyway.~Sha

Tanis, Sunday 28th of May 2006 06:21:05 AM

Ah cool, good to know it started working for you, I hope to see your stuff around

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