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Friday 24th of November 2006 05:16:41 AM


Theres not really any news...I just wanted to look important. Anyway I decided it's been a while since the last news so why not make a new one.

Anyway in actual news School is over for Xave and I. We were both in yr 12 and had our last exams on the 13th...since then I've been on holidays and Xave...well, prolly best left unmentioned for the little kiddies out there...

As for the now and future Xave is doing some fancy pants hospitality course and I'm moving town because I need to get out of this place and move onto bigger and better things by becoming a poor hungry uni student :D

But I still have some time and while Xave won't admit it he prolly has more than me. Anyway I have been thinking about the site. I was thinking about possibly making a brand new one...brand spanking new. But the one we have now does have it's own level of attraction so I was wondering if any of you would be interested in having a say.


Just post a comment saying yes a new site would be rocking or no you don't need it, go do something useful like making your comic better.

Don't be afraid because odds are if you don't say anything noone will.

Anyway thankyou for your tiem and please tell us what you think.


, Tuesday 28th of November 2006 05:56:27 AM

It depands on the new kind of site.
Would it mean this goes to the garbge, or its just a new comic's stoeyline.

Tanis, Thursday 7th of December 2006 04:51:01 AM

It'd mean that the layout of the site is replaced meaning the colourscheme and what not...nothing to do with the actual strips

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