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Thursday 14th of December 2006 06:21:51 AM

Byte Me V3.5

Having such a high number as Version 3.5 just sounds special doesn't it. If you're confused right now I'm referring to the site layout which has been slightly updone. Here's a history of the Byte Me Websites.

Version 1:
The basic smackjeeves layout that comes basic with any smackjeeves website.

Version 2:
This is when we got into seeing what we could do with the site, we kept the basic code from Version one and edited as much of it as we could before we broke the site...I guess it's a little much to call it an entire new version but a lot of work went into it.

Version 3:
This was the actual design inclusive one. I made the website layout in photoshop and then pasted it all in and the site looked pretty.

Version 3.5:
This is the version of the now which I have been working on for a few days now, you may have noticed minor updates/total screw ups...anyway the new features that actually came in were.

-New Banner
-New Buttons and Vote Bar
-New images under the vote bar and at bottom of page
-Gif's for News, Archive, Avg rating anf Rate it replaced because they had the layer of white around them
-New rating buttons made by me and don't they look awesome

That's about it...but it all took a while to put together so I hope you like it and any crit would be welcome. Thankyou for your time. Now for any of you nosy people out there wondering about my life aka non-comic day I'll probably start posting stuff so that you will most likely be able to foresee me missing an update by a day even if I can't. Anyway I hope you're enjoying Byte Me. Toodels

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