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Sunday 25th of March 2007 08:34:59 AM

Delays of the bad kind

I'd like to apologize for the recent delays in getting comics up...I have been having a lot of trouble with keeping Uni organized while still maintaining a life and it just really makes it hard.

I really care about Byte Me so when I say I am trying to get them up on time I really's just that at the moment timing isn't in my favour. Because of this, this weeks comic will be a day late and therefore released on Tuesday.

However in more positive news if any of you didn't read the news in the new comic we have a new person who does all the stuff I don't do...mainly stuff to do with scripts. Her name is Illi and she'll be taking over from what Xave was meant to be if you notice a sudden increase in awesomeness it's all due to her...

Anyway I hope this didn't ruin your day at all and please continue to read on.


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