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Tuesday 24th of April 2007 07:32:32 PM

Trying to stay in the swing of things

Hey there loyal readers, of which I hope there is at least one...

This little news thing is just to say that I've started putting the larger images on the vote thing again so you will be able to view larger versions of the recent comic whenever you vote for Byte Me.

I'm doing this in a hope that maybe Byte Me can get a few more votes and therefore a few more fans. If we get something like two other people and I voting for Byte Me daily that would mean we would push 100 votes for a month which I think would slightly improve readership...and we all know that a better readership equals a less lazy Tannie. I mean I know I only got inspired to do this news post because the last comic got three non-me comments when it's usually restricted to like...0-1.

Also in case I get lazy again I have changed the default bonus image and have many more other things that I could change it to...what is it you ask? Well you'll just have to wait to find out and vote everyday hoping for the best.

Anyway before you get me all wrong don't feel like you have to vote or anything...I really actually just felt like posting some news and this was the only thing I could think of...but anyway I hope you're enjoying Byte Me so far and any comments about the site or the comics would be plenty welcome because I know that without you pointing out our flaws, how will we ever learn?

~Tannie Out

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